Radio control with your webbrowser – improved user interface

A few days ago I found the ESP8266 MikroE Buggy project.

This project implements a web server on the ESP8266 – similar to the setup described in my blog Radio control with your webbrowser. Using this concept, a browser based (and therefore operating system neutral) radio control could be easily made available. In this project, especially the HTML5 based user interface implementing a joystick caught my attention.

The software of this project is open source so that I could make the changes needed to use it in combination with the PiKoder/SSC wRX. Additionally, I adapted the code for controlling a ‘normal’ car or boat (one channel for speed, one channel for direction). The revised source code is provided through a github repository.

The steps for programming the ESP8266 ars described also in the Radio control with your webbrowser blog. Please note, that the ESP8266 MikroE Buggy project deploys the Arduino file system. For the installation and the usage please refer to this page.

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