Control your Ardupilot Mega Rover with your Android Smartphone


In the standard setup of the Ardupilot Mega (APM) for Rovers you would deploy a conventional RC for manual control:  the RC receiver feeds the input channels of the APM with PWM signals for Rover movement and for executing special functions such as switching flight modes.

Replacing the RC receiver in this configuration by a PiKoder-Receiver such as the WLAN receiver PiKoder/SSC wRX gives you full control of the Ardupilot using your Android smartphone with the udpRC4UGV app which is available at the Play Store.

Setting up the Rover

Use the Mission Planer to configure your APM with the standard ROVER – configuration; the default settings worked for me perfectly.

The following image shows the straight forward hardware setup.

Connect the PiKoder – channel 1 with the APM input 1 (Steering) and PiKoder – channel 2 with the APM input 3 (Throttle). For the APM output the standard-rover-setup is used. (servo at channel 1, ESC with BEC at channel 3). In this configuration the Ardupilot provides the power for the receiver.

The Ardupilot does not process any PWM-signals outside of the standard range from approx. 1.000 – 2.000 µs. Therefore, you would have to adjust the PiKoder’s min. and max. lengths as shown in the following screen print using the PiKoder Control Center (PCC).

Please refer for more information about connecting and programming your PiKoder to the User’s Manual for the PiKoder/SSC wRX.

This completes the hardware setup. For a detailed description of the app’s user interface please refer to the respective user manual.

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